Applications for Autumn 2019 are now open!

Game LAB is a program that will simulate the game industry and open your eyes to what making games is all about.  

Yes, you may apply, in fact anybody may apply to Game LAB but priority is given to persons that have a background in:

  • Art & Design

  • Code ( unity, unreal engine, cry engine or any game making tools )

  • Business & Marketing  

  • Producing

Given the fact that the structure is undergoing some changes; there is not much that we can confirm so far regarding the upcoming edition but we can say the following:

  • Apply even if you are not from ICT.

    We are looking for applicants from all disciplines; not only ICT. If you are interested in Games, gaming and game development - you can apply.

  • We will be focusing more on employment.

  • The structure will facilitate even faster iteration.

  • By the end of December we will aim for each team to have a game published.

    Main focus will be Mobile Games that can be done in the even shorter timeframe.

  • Game Path will become really exclusive.

    Only teams that show good KPIs will be allowed to Game Path.

  • In December, we will have a showcase event before and during the Christmas Party.

    Target being to get yourself an internship in one of the local Game / ICT companies.

  • Gradually, the evaluations (Gates) will become more DataOriented - end goal being god KPIs ( Key Performance Indicators) not emotions.

  • You will be working in interdisciplinary teams.

    Our aim is to keep the core of the LAB model - working together with people that have different skills and building a product together.

Deadline: applications are ongoing till 15th of May.

If you want to learn more about the application click bellow.