OGL teams at the Polar Bear Pitching event

Three Game Path teams showcased their games at the OAMK booth during the Polar Bear Pitching event on 15th of February.

The teams Ashtonia, Haste Heist, and Overtowered demoed their games at the Oulu City Theater on last Wednesday. The event visitors seemed to enjoy playing the games, and the teams got a chance to gather important information and feedback based on the playtesting.

Photos of the event can be seen on the Oulu Game LAB Facebook page:

Polar Bear Pitching Pre-party


Oulu Game Industry Meetup will be followed by the Polar Bear Pitching Pre-party at Viihdemaailma Ilona, Torikatu 21-23. The event is hosted by IGDA Finland Oulu Hub, Fingersoft, and Lexia.

Polar Bear Pitching Pre-party is a warm spirited gathering of people who are interested in games and the game industry, as well as seasoned game industry professionals. The event is a nice way to relax before the following day’s ice-hole challenge, and a great chance to make new friends and grow your professional network. Discuss interesting topics with like-minded people over a few beverages, take a peek at promising new games at the game demo corner, and simply enjoy good company.

If you are a game developer, you can apply for a free demo booth from the event!
Contact shahriar.rhiday@gmail.com in order to apply and for more info.

The event starts at 7PM in the evening, and continues until 12AM.

Tickets for both events are available on Eventbrite. They’re free, so go ahead and register!

Oulu Game Industry Meetup

Polar Bear Pitching Pre-Party

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/248647695558723/

Oulu Game Industry Meetup

During the Polar Bear Pitching event on 14th of February, Oulu Game Lab and IGDA Finland Oulu Hub will host the Oulu Game Industry Meetup event at the Oulu Game Campus, located in Rantakatu 3.

Oulu Game Industry Meetup showcases the vibrant community of game developers and gamers from Oulu and all over Finland. At the event you can meet like-minded people who are interested in gaming and game development, and you will have a chance to discuss with game industry professionals from various game companies and organizations. The event will be relaxed and non-formal, with free snacks and entertainment, such as a SpeedRunners competition, but you will also be able to attend interesting presentations about different game industry related topics.

The event speakers are:

Michael Stenmark & Jeanette Nilsson                  Arctic Game Lab
Lauri Antalainen                                                     GameFounders Estonia
Jaakko Kemppainen                                              Mindfield Games
Ville Rauma                                                            Fingersoft
Pasi Jokinen                                                           Game Campus/Fingersoft

The event starts at 12PM in the afternoon, and will continue until 5PM. The keynote presentations will start at 1PM.

Tickets for the event are available on Eventbrite. They’re free, so go ahead and register!

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/399466733733683/

OGL Game Jam Results

The first OGL Game Jam was organised last week. We had a great turnout of people from as far as Ylivieska and Kokkola. Although this was a pilot project with minimum effort in organising the event was a lot of fun and we made 7 games in just 36 hours. There will be more jams to game in Oulu Game LAB, stay tuned!

We've now assembled those games to a website and included screenshots, descriptions and game builds for you to test (where they were available). 

Results are here!

If your game is lacking some of the abovementioned details and you want them added, contact Aki Latvamäki (check the staff page here at OGL website for contact info)


Afternoon Tea & Games (for Aspiring Game Developers)

Wed 2 Nov 2016 2-5 p.m. at Oulu Game LAB (Rantakatu 3)

Interested in gaming? Well, this is the place to be. The Afternoon Tea & Games is served with game presentations, try-outs and biscuits. Bring your own ideas and get them mentored by the Game LAB students - or just come and hang out with other aspiring game developers. Includes also a tour into activities of the International Game Developers Association Finland, as well as how things work at Oulu Game LAB. Welcome!

Check the Facebook Event!