Gate 2, Autumn 2018


Gate 2 is officially over! 8 teams gave it their all with an impressive and diverse set of pitches.

Teams were given 15 minutes to delegate between presenting their ideas and Q&A time with the 5 judges. Only 5 of the teams were able to make it through the gate, with the remaining 3 dropping out and joining forces with the winning teams.

The final scores were as follows:

Teams that Passed:
Nailed IT - The Void Within
Lost Hoodie - Shred'N'Slam
Play Possum - Dead Fungoria
Karva Games - O.R.B.
Satisfaction - Fungeon Crawl

Teams that Dropped: 
The Killerbees - Monster Social Worker
Kelmi Games - Soulforged
Amenta - Miniature Mayhem

Many thanks to our 5 excellent judges:

John Rantala Publishing Director of Round Zero
Natasha Bulatovic Trygg - Chairperson at The HIVE - Turku Game Hub
Jyri Partanen - COO at Games Factory
Joakim Achrén - Co-Founder, Board Member at Next Games
Asmo Saloranta - Kavio Publishing