GATE 2 results are in!

Team Spicy presenting their game "Pain Golf".

Team Spicy presenting their game "Pain Golf".

The seven surviving teams from Gate 1 pitched their games once again on friday.

The game pitches were evaluated by a jury of five game industry professionals, and their scores were combined with the scores given earlier based on the quality of the teams' Game Design Documents and Business Canvases.

The following are the final scores of Gate 2:

Team Spicy                                       - 8.8
Red Shirt Guys                                 - 8.5
Death by Overwork                         - 7.8
Arktik Kirkle (Former High Rock)  - 7.2
Nighthare                                         - 6.7
Smokers                                           - 5.4
Total Gore Fun                                 - 5.3

Which means that teams Smokers and Total Gore Fun drop out of the demo path, and their team members will be joining the remaining teams.