How to Apply

Oulu Game LAB starts twice a year, in spring and in the autumn. The next OGL program begins in August, 2019.

Applications are accepted from April to end of May while entrance interviews for the autumn semester are held from April to June. Applicants can participate in the interview via Skype or in person. If you need to do your interview in Skype, send an e-mail to about it. You will be asked to book an interview time and date in Doodle after sending the application.

We are looking for a keen interest or professional experience in your area of expertise and a tangible enthusiasm for gaming. You should be comfortable in presenting your ideas, concepts and designs to an audience and know that receiving feedback is very important in the creative field. Professional game development requires diverse and deep expertise, and the ability to work well in a team and to cope effectively with pressure. 

Apply as a student of Oulu University of Applied Sciences

Any student of the Oulu University of Applied Sciences who has progressed to his or her third or fourth year of studies may apply to Oulu Game LAB within Oulu UAS. Priority is given to students studying the following:

1) Media production or visual communication at the School of Media and Performing Arts

2) Internet services, digital media or web application development at the School of Business and Information Management

3) Software development at the School of Engineering.



Apply through the Open University of Applied Sciences

Not enrolled at the Oulu University of Applied Sciences? You can apply to Oulu Game LAB through the Open University of Applied Sciences.

Please note: For studies you need to pay 300 euros during one academic year (1st August to 31st July).

For information about studying at Open UAS, see here in English or here in Finnish.





Apply as an international exchange student

  • Get familiar with the Oamk LAB curricula before applying.

  • Read and follow instructions on how to apply to Oamk LABs as an international exchange student.

  • Application period for the autumn term or the whole academic year, 1 April -
    15 May, and for the spring term,
    15 September – 31 October.

  • More details about the program

Student Testimonial

We have added more details regarding our curricula and topics covered.