Application to Oulu Game LAB

Step 1: Fill in the application form below
Step 2: Reserve a time for your interview. You will be given a link after submitting the form.
Step 3: Send your CV and portfolio to, using "CV Firstname Lastname" as the message subject.

(Additional step for students of Oulu University of Applied Sciences, OAMK)
Step 4: Plan and agree about the LAB studies with your degree programs supervisor. You will need a signed plan from your supervisor when you come to the interview. 


Contact Information
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Motivation and experience
Why do you want to participate in Oulu Game Lab? What strengths needed in the game industry do you have?
Describe your own gaming experience. What games do you play and what kind of a player are you?
Experience in game development or concept design.
Studies at Oulu University of Applied Sciences
This section is only for students currently attending Oulu UAS. If you are applying through Open University, please skip this section.
For example VIE0ME or TTE9SNO
Grades in the courses which support the game and concept training.
Who could assess your skills? Name a teacher at Oulu UAS and add e-mail.